Let us all try to work for peace

There is, at the moment, a tremendous amount of turmoil in the world.
In view of this, Table Digest thought it appropriate to show this fold — the Wings of Peace.

Luigi designed this fold for the new Millennium as an Icon for Peace in the World.
Now, 17 years later, little has changed. The world is still in turmoil. Is there any Hope?

To make this fold you will need:

  • a good starched square linen napkin,
  • a piece of double sided "Sticky Tape", at the point marked (s) in the diagram,
    to hold the points of the wings together.

As usual, fold on the dotted lines in the direction indicated by the arrow.
If you have any problem with this fold, contact the "Napkin Folding Helpline" (moc.tsegidelbat|gnidlofnikpan#moc.tsegidelbat|gnidlofnikpan) for guidance.


Click here, or on the diagram below, to download the full-size diagram as a PDF file which you can print.


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This Wings of Peace fold is illustrated on page 84 of Luigi's napkin folding book: “The Language of Napkin Folding”.
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