Luigi’s Language of Napkin Folding by Luigi Spotorno

Luigi, I love the book, the layout is fantastic and easy to understand and I love the short explanation with a touch of wit or a useful tip, before each fold. What you wrote in your introduction is exactly how I feel, as I am more of a front of house person as well and love working and talking to people. It’s putting initiative into my work that makes it all seem worthwhile. I try to create that ‘family touch’ and put little details into everything. I think it’s all about making a difference in people’s lives. By producing an attractive meal or a creative napkin fold, a person can leave the dining room/restaurant thinking ‘somebody cares about me’. At the end of the day I believe it’s what the hospitality industry is all about. The book makes wonderful reading too. I loved the little history, very interesting, can’t wait for the sequel.
Kate Burrow, Catering Manager, Manchester
Luigi, My colleague and I met you at the food show in Bournemouth and we both purchased your book. First let me just say that we LOVE your book, it is so very easy and clear to follow, we started folding napkins as soon as we got home. We have now stopped using the old and dull folds we were previously doing at weddings in favour of a more elegant look. We are planning to use the “Wings of Peace” to decorate the buffet table.
Tracy Watts, Christian Faversham Catering, Dorset
Luigi, I am using your book of napkin folding in the Phoenix Restaurant. I find your book very well thought out. First you have a good variety of folds but principally the fact that there is no text is hugely beneficial. In fact, this book can be directed to ESOL students, to people with low literacy level or students with dyslexia.
David Naudin, Food and Beverages Service Lecturer, London
Luigi, I received a copy of your book “Luigi’s Language of Napkin Folding”. You are to be congratulated on the quality of the work, its contents and photography. It represents a tour de force and statement of your career. It is so important that skills such as yours are passed on to the present generations, front of house have a great contribution to make in the dining experience.
Peter E. Russum, Director Virtue Books Ltd, Rotherham
Luigi, I have gone through the pages of your book. Well done, you should be proud, it is a really a remarkable book. You deserve to be congratulated for the outstanding work you have done. I wish you good luck and lots success, look forward to the sequel.
Michael Virtue, retired publisher of James Ginder’s book “Napkin Folding”
Have you ever thought of transforming a simple napkin in to a candle, sailing boat, or a swan? Nothing easier if you are creative like Luigi. In this book he has transformed a folded napkin into a form of artwork.
Julie Faithful, Wessex Saloon Culinaire
Luigi, Your “Language of Napkin Folding” is a brilliant book, and easy to follow and understandable. The students love it. When are you coming to our college to do a demonstration?
Margaret Asemota, Deputy Head, Hospitality and Leisure, Lewisham College, London

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