It provides a unique method of instructions that can be understood by everyone.

"Fold on the dotted lines following the arrows directions in the sequence indicated.
Where appropriate follow the symbol icons and If in difficulty contact the book’s “Helpline”.

This is not just an ordinary lifestyle book on the subject of napkin folding or table craft. On the contrary, it employs a very modern method of communication that is unique and innovative in the literary world. A book that can be read by any one of any nationality. That is the difference…

International language communication: The book has been created for a world wide market with a minimal translation requirement. The Hospitality Industry is a major employer of people for whom English is not their mother tongue.

Reading difficulty or disability: There are many people (including the author) who find the prospect of following complicated or elaborate written instructions a daunting process. This book has been designed for all those people. We are not medically qualified to categorise this book with words such as “disability” or “dyslexia”, never the less the suitability is unquestionable.


The book has no words by way of instructions: A combination of arrows and sequences, accompanied by a series of easy to remember symbols are the only instructions required to achieve even the most complicated napkin fold design.

Signs and symbols: is a recognised international concept, which is widely used as a visual form of instructions widely used by, for example, flat-pack furniture manufacturers. It is now classified as the most useful vehicle of communication which makes multi-language written instructions quite
superfluous. It is widely used by airline companies as the only practical method of instruction on in-flight emergency procedures and, if we look around, we see a multitude street signs that dictate what we can or can’t do.

Helpline and support: This book includes a “helpline”, which is a “first” in lifestyle craft publications worldwide, whereby support is readily available if one is in difficulty with the more elaborate folds. In addition, this helpline will offer practical advice on all aspects of home entertaining and table decoration. It is a useful additional helping hand in time of need.

Napkin Folding Helpline: The author has decided to take the above concept one stage further by opening a line of communication with his readers to offer assistance in case of any difficulties. Readers who wish to share their passion for this art form or wish to share with others may submit their own creative ideas with practical experience, advise and photos.

One basic instruction that applies throughout the book
with a language that can be understand from every corner of the world