Many of the folds featured in the book Luigi’s Language of Napkin Folding by Luigi Spotorno are inspired by, or dedicated to, an event in the author’s life. The napkin does not need to be just an element of the mundane table setting. With a touch of imagination anyone can personalize their special event and give their guests the “welcome” feeling as they enter the dining room. Inevitably the food will be more appreciated by everyone to greatly enhance a successful dining experience.

Page Title Inspiration
36 Maestro Dedicated to the famous conductor Arturo Toscanini
38 Opera Inspired by the Sydney Opera House
40 Ballerina Dedicated to the memory of Diana “The people’s princess”
42 Tango To celebrate my own Ruby Wedding Anniversary
44 Heart A Valentine fold as expression of one’s love
48 Fairy Kiss To celebrate the birth of Luis, my second grandson
50 Baby To celebrate the birth of Theo, my first grandson
52 Ragdoll Favoured by all children as well as the grown-ups
54 Chatterbox A universal game played by youths of every nation
62 Football Shirt To celebrate Italy winning the 2006 World Cup
66 Professional Inspired by the film “The Graduate”
68 Negligee Inspired by Mrs. Robinson from the same film
74 Luigi’s Tuxedo Inspired by Humphrey Bogart in the film Casablanca
82 Phoenix To celebrate the 2004 Athens Olympics
88 Wings of Peace My contribution the New Millennium as a symbol of World Peace
90 Pick A monolith inspired by Cleopatra’s Needle in London
106 Knot On that special day, say it with a flower inserted in a napkin
148 Prana A mystical fold inspired by my daughter’s love for Yoga
160 Throne Inspired by the “Stone of Scone” Coronation Throne
162 Coronation To celebrate HM The Queen’s Jubilee 2004
166 Prince of Wales Representing the Royal crest of the House of Windsor
170 Water Lily My own version of this very classic fold
184 Olympic Flame To celebrate London 2012 and “Peace through Sport”
186 Pavarotti To celebrate the career and memory of this great singer
Dedicated to the famous conductor Arturo Toscanini
Favoured by all children as well as the grown-ups
Water Lily
Luigi's own version of this classic fold

Please note: The captions above might differ slightly from those in the book but, for the Author, they have equal significance.

The story does not end here…

Napkin folding is an “Art Form of Expression” that has a relatively short life, if used as part of a table setting. It does however give tremendous satisfaction and pride to the individual who has created it, and immense joy to the person for whom it is dedicated.

We all posses a certain amount of creativity, it's just never been put to the test