The main function of the table napkin must never be overlooked. Consequently some general rules of hygiene are essential before embarking upon creating any type of napkin folding…

  • Use a clean surface to prepare your design fold.
  • Make sure your hands are perfectly clean, and keep the manipulation of the napkin to the bare minimum.
  • If you are at all concerned about a particular napkin fold on the grounds of hygiene try using gloves. Or, disregard that particular fold and choose something less elaborate.
  • Always use a fresh napkin for the table, definitely not the one you have practised on.

The health and safety rules are equally important in any napkin folding that is to be used as part of a table setting or for any presentation area where food is to be displayed.

  • Never use an excessive amount of starch on napkins that are intended as part of a table setting.
  • Never use any hidden artificial means for holding together a napkin fold that is intended as part of a table setting. A simple rule — if it does not hold on the third attempt, then it is just not meant to be. Simply choose a different fold. The type of material you are using might have something to do with it.
  • Do not, under any circumstances, make use of metal objects such as pins, staples, or paper clips on any napkin whether for table settings or for display purposes. These have the most unfortunate habit of taking your customers or guests to hospital and yourself to court, should any metal particles accidentally enter the food chain. Can you afford the risk?

As long as these basic important principles are clearly understood and observed, you should have no problem in achieving the desired results illustrated in Luigi's book or in creating your own napkin fold design.

When it comes to Napkin Folding, the hygiene rules must never be overlooked.

You can find more information on food hygiene and safety on the Table Digest website: