As the Author of the book I am frequently asked to explain the reasons behind the title. Originally the manuscript had the title of “The Language of Napkin Folding”. There are many books whose titles start with “The Language…” — “The Language of Love”, “The Language of Flowers”, “The Language of your Pet”, and many more I am sure. My publisher, in their wisdom, decided to make it more personal by referring to “Luigi’s Language”.

The book has some classical designs which have been modified to meet my explanatory style of “No words but Symbols” but most of the designs were created in my studio by the window. Each design has a particular form of expression which could identify with an individual personal hobby, profession, occasion or celebration.

In any wedding, only two people are getting married. If one does elaborate folds for every guest, then what do you do for the bride and groom? The same principle applies for an anniversary celebration. The front cover of the book features a napkin called “Tango” (page 42). It represents a couple dancing an Argentinian Tango. This was created to celebrate my 40th Wedding Anniversary.

The same principle applies if one is celebrating a birthday, graduation, promotion or any other event in someone’s life. Choose the napkin design to match the person, hobby, profession or interest — Valentine's day, Mother's day, Father's day and much more are singular occasions where can personalise your fold.

Having a birthday cake made to order or personalised for any occasion is a well known added feature pertaining to a celebration. Take this same principle one step further and fold the napkin to suit the occasion. It will add a touch of character that will make the celebration more perfect.

Make your table extra special by personalizing it for the special occasion.

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